Join Our Community and Get Involved!

Get involved in the political process and be counted. Improve your life and the lives of your children in the future. Get to know your civic responsibilities and civic liberties. Through your participation we can collectively work together to further our issues in our communities, in our state, and in our country.

These are only some examples how one can get involved and make a difference.

  • Join a local political party, the local Democratic or Republican.
  • Hold a “coffee” for a local candidate running for election. Call the candidate and your friends to discuss current issues and your concerns.
  • Help a candidate in campaign work, call her/him to offer your help.
  • Sponsor a fund raiser for your favorite candidate. Call your friends and tell them why your candidate should be supported.
  • It is said every letter written is worth 100 votes, Write a letter to your congressman, senator, state representative on issues that matter to you and ask for support on causes which matter to you. Congratulate them for the actions they took of which you approve and give them reasons if you disapprove. Your elected officials want to hear from you.
  • Write a letter to a newspaper editor about your views on newspaper editorials or news coverage.
  • Help your local community with volunteer work.
  • Join a local service club, for example the Rotary or the Lions Club.
  • Attend town meetings and/or run for town elections. You must know what is going on.
  • Work to get appointed on Town Committees.
  • Join the PTA (Parent Teacher Association), contribute to PTA fund raising events.
  • Volunteer time to help the Girls/Boy Scouts.
  • Work with local museums to organize “India Festivals”, Display Indian costumes and photographs, serve Indian food, films on India, Indian Dances etc.
  • Participate in student exchange programs and host a foreign student.
  • Invite your neighbors for an open house, a cheese & wine party or organize a block party. We must know our neighbors to break down the barriers of different cultures. People are friendlier and more understanding when they get to know you.
  • Participate in citizen groups, such as American Heart Association, Foster Parents, Suicide Prevention Help, Battered Women Shelters, Runaway Homes.
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