Unity, the answer to fighting bigotry was theme at MIT gathering

BostonGlobe.com – The shouts came from men driving by in a truck in Harvard Square. “Get out of this country,” they yelled at Ramesh Advani, an American whose family is from Sindh, Pakistan. It was 1979, right after 52 Americans were taken hostage in Iran and apparently the men mistook Advani …

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Known as the Forum, IAFPE is the oldest and largest Indian American organization for political education in the country. It is nationally recognized for its outstanding work to enhance political awareness among the Indian Americana community and encourage civic engagement through seminars, symposiums, and their flagship fellowship program in Massachusetts, which has well over 100 graduates around the country. With over 2 million community members the national organization and local chapter continue to be a force that stands behind Indian Americans and groups of South Asian origin.

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Commonwealth Colors Solidarity Event, It’s FREE!

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Doors open at 1:30 pm
Wong Auditorium, MIT, 2 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA 02142


What others have to say about IAFPE

I thought it was really great to get a chance to hear from people who were making a real difference and affecting change. As an Indian-American myself, it was inspiring to hear from other Indian-Americans about their role in politics and public service. Overall, the event gave me a better understanding of the intersections of race and politics, and a renewed sense of the importance of activism.

-Andover Academy student Akhil Rajan at an IAFPE presentation

A lot of times, MLK Day focuses solely on black and white issues. By talking about the Indian American political activism and the Indian American fight to be American, we hoped we could expand conversations about race to include all races and focus on MLK’s larger goal – a voice for all in our democracy.

– Andover Academy student Kailash Sundaram

The Indian American Forum for Political Education is doing fantastic work in helping to bring a large, vibrant, and active community more and more into the political sphere. Members of the Indian American community comprise such a large portion of residents in Shrewsbury and Westborough, and I was pleased to be part of the first-ever candidate forum in our district to focus specifically on this community.

-Democratic Candidate for the 11th Worcester District State Representative Jason Palitsch

I am extremely grateful to The India Society of Worcester and IAFPE for allowing myself and Jason the opportunity to discuss issues and hear directly from the Indian American Community. Shrewsbury and Westborough are communities rich with diversity and it was wonderful to see so many people taking an interest in this race and the impact its outcome will have on our community and the Commonwealth. By offering forums for open debate and discussion their organizations are making significant strides in educating and empowering people in our community to participate fully in American democracy.

-Republican Candidate for the 11th Worcester District State Representative Hannah Kane

IAFPE is an organization that needs to help our community maintain and assert its voice politically and be heard just like other influential cultural groups. We don’t want to wait for a Ferguson MO or an Oak Creek Gurudwara incident to occur here in Massachusetts. Forum is a presence that forges political alliances and ensures there is an existing infrastructure to battle injustice for years to come!

-Former IAFPE President Ramesh Advani